What about; me, or the site.  I guess both. The site is dedicated to reading and literacy; to multisensory teaching methods based on Orton Gillingham philosophy. It is dedicated to students who need other than traditional classroom methods to learn.  Math and basic literacy are the focus of my teaching.  Dyslexia, ADHD, specific learning disabilities are the subject of my study.  These are special learners; often exceptional in many ways, but struggling academically with attentional, language, and information processing challenges.

My name is Andrew Lasser.  I am a California credentialed mild to moderate special education teacher, with undergrauates in psychology, sociology, research; and a graduate degree in special education with an emphasis on reading instruction and intervention.  I taught in a traditional classroom for a number of years, mostly resource rooms  (hence the name of my site) and also in special day class settings at many levels.  I also taught for an online school and saw how good it could be, and also how poorly it worked in certain situations.  I have been tutoring and teaching on line now for quite a while, and have successfully adapted many traditional materials to both on line and multi-sensory presentation.

There are many advantages to online instruction. Lessons can be arranged in an instant.  No travel is necessary, consultation is easy, and the student can remain in a preferred environment with no intrusion.  I don’t have to rent professional space, my extensive library is instantly available and materials can be adapted on the fly.  All this means that I can be effective at half the cost of an equivalent professional service.  If you want more information, you can check out my other site at www.thelearningresourceroom.com